Niles RS6PRO GRANITE High Performance Rock Loudspeaker; 6-in. 2-Way-Granite
Niles RS6PRO GRANITE/FG01687 -High Performance Rock Loudspeaker; 6-in. 2-Way-Granite
  • SKU: NIL-FG01687
  • Manufacturer: Niles
  • UPC: 760514016873
  • MFG#: FG01687
  • MSRP: $295.00
  • Availability: N
  • Niles RS series rock cabinet design is crafted to look like a real rock and features the use of integrated textured aluminum grilles. All RS series speakers are completely weatherproof. They employ double seals on the woofer, tweeter and bottom cover and are tested to exceed US Military specification 883 for Salt Fog, Operating Temperature, Storage Temperature, UV Exposure and Humidity. All RS series models feature tweeters mounted at 20-degree angles so that the high frequencies are aimed at the listener, not the ground. All RS series speakers utilize a unique Cone Forward(TM) Design, which places the drive units as far forward in the fiberglass cabinet as possible. This ensures a transparent, open and dynamic sound with precise stereo imaging without the hollow colorations found in traditional rock speaker designs. RS series cabinets are carefully crafted from 4 inter-woven layers of fiberglass and resin. This technique ensures that Niles RS speakers will hold up to the elements and still deliver premium sound quality. RS series speakers are covered by a 5-year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Niles RS series speakers ship with a 3-foot pigtail of direct burial cable; waterproof wire nuts for secure connection and a security bracket and cable to prevent theft.


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