Dayton Audio brand audio/video components can be found in thousands of successful home and commercial installations worldwide. Choose Dayton Audio for high-performance and real world design. The Dayton Audio family of products combines real-world design with high-tech manufacturing techniques. There is always a demand for well-made, common sense components and accessories! Dayton Audio meets that demand, and exceeds your expectations. Dayton Audio products are designed and produced to get the job done, night after night, gig after gig. Each product is built to last from the highest quality materials, and is engineered for reliability and performance. Choose the same products that leading manufacturers and audio professionals around the world already use. Dayton Audio performance at a great price! Dayton Audio has been a leading supplier of loudspeaker drivers and speaker building accessories for over ten years. Each product is designed and engineered in the U.S.A. to offer the highest level of performance and value. Audio enthusiasts know they can trust Dayton Audio to have the best selection of speaker building products and components for any project.

Phoenix Type Connector 4-Pole 5mm Pitch 4-Pack
DAY- 091-372
DAY- 091-372
Audio Wave-Link WLS System 2.4 GHz Full Range Wireless Pair
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